At Stanley Black & Decker we’re working towards being ECOSMART™. This means that we are committed to improving the sustainability of our operations, our products, our communities, our suppliers and our customers. Moreover, it means that we are vigilant about our sustainability initiatives, and place a priority on maintaining an open dialogue with all of our stakeholders.




Ecosmart is helping us create a paradigm shift in how we attract, develop and retain talent. We are increasing our already world-class efforts to instil environmental and safety accountability in our most-valued asset—our people. We are vigilant that the highest standard of human rights are respected and promoted throughout the whole supply chain of our products.


Safety First, Last and Everywhere Inbetween

Since September 2014, Stanley Black & Decker has seen a 33% drop in the monthly average of recordable injuries, thanks to our refreshed approach to employee safety called ‘Safety Always’— our ethos is “safety first, last and everywhere in between!”.


Putting Community at the Centre of our Culture


Total Impact

We increased our financial giving by 19% in 2015.


Total Employee Impact

Our employees contributed 30% more to charities around the world in 2015 than in the previous year, and nearly double their financial support from six years ago.


For Housing and Rebuilding

Assisted 200,000 volunteers with more than $6 million in borrowed tools value.



Completed home builds for more than 50 families in partnership with numerous charities, including rehabilitating houses to make them more accommodating for returning injured veterans.


STEM Students

Provided STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and vocational programming to more than 300,000 students around the world. 2,000 students were provided support to participate in STEM and innovation competitions.



We understand, track and continually minimize our environmental impacts. Our ecosmart culture helps us identify environmentally related strategies that ensure we stay ahead of climate-related challenges and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.


ECOSMART™ Office initiative

2015 included the launch of our ECOSMART™ Office Initiative, designed to create a sustainable eco-friendly office environment. As an ongoing effort to reduce our paper consumption and toner usage, we encourage colleagues to implement “Smart Printing Strategies” into their daily work activities.

Sustainability Performance
In 2015, we extended our ECOSMART™ philosophy to include our whole supply chain. We encourage our suppliers to advance sustainability processes that not only benefit themselves, but also those that can be passed along the entire supply chain. We undertake regular audits to identify opportunities for improvement and to help our suppliers make beneficial process improvements for energy, waste and water reductions.

Energy Management
In 2015, two of our European facilities became the latest to have successfully achieved the ISO 50001 certification in Energy Management: our Tools & Storage facility in Besançon, France, which manufactures tape measures and saw blades, and our Engineered Fastening facility in Warrington, U.K.

Our goal is a 20% reduction in paper consumption annually.



Our ecosmart vision—to be a sustainable company by advancing global stewardship across the entire value chain—includes sustainable considerations for our products. Ecosmart is helping us form a new product design process to assist in reducing the environmental impacts of our products without compromising quality and value.

Sidchrome Drawers in the Workshop

Environmental footprint

In 2015, we increased our Life Cycle Assessment methods to identify the environmental footprint and environmental impact of our products. This approach allows us to identify opportunities for sustainability improvement, highlighting material choice, supply chain and energy opportunities that may otherwise not have been realized. We keep sustainable product performance at the forefront of customer satisfaction, as well as other attributes such as quality, performance and value.

In the field of battery take back and collection all batteries returned from the field at end of life are collected and recycled by approved recyclers and in most instances, the materials recovered from this process go back to the battery industry for reuse in batteries. Stanley Black & Decker also take back tools for repair and refurbishment so reducing the amount of waste that could go directly to landfill. Where appropriate these tools are refurbished and sold to the public through our network of factory outlet shops.



Since 2010, Stanley Black & Decker has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index in the IEQ Machinery and Electrical Equipment category – an index that tracks the performance of the top 20% of companies, in terms of sustainability, within that category. 

We also achieved the highest attainable score on both the ‘Climate Disclosure Leadership Index’ and the ‘Climate Performance Leadership Index’ of the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’. ‘The Carbon Disclosure Project’ (CDP) works with shareholders and corporations to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions of major corporations.