Combination Pliers 165mm

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These pliers set the benchmark for gripping, compressing, twisting, bending, removing and cutting, allowing you to work more efficiently with ergonomic ease.

Our 165mm combination pliers have been carefully designed to maximise output and minimise effort with a high-leverage rivet position that provides market-leading effort transfer. Perfect for high-repetition use, the ergonomic design includes a number of unique features to keep you comfortable.

Ideal for:
• cutting copper and hard steel wire
• multi-purpose use, for the best performance working with all types of materials
• repetitive, professional use

The enhanced spring return system simplifies your grip position to reduce strain.

The sculpted upper section provides a natural fit between your index finger and thumb to aid grip.

The sturdy metal frame is chrome plated, providing maximum corrosion resistance for a longer life.

The broad, bi-material comfort grip handles are resistant to industrial, automotive and aerospace chemicals, such as Skydrol, chloroethane, acetone and petrol.

Product features and benefits:
• side cutter for copper and hard steel wire: for easy, strain-free cutting
• tether-ready: for safe use at heights
• ergonomic design: for reduced strain, even with frequent, repetitive use
• corrosion and chemical resistant: for use in industrial conditions
• Made in France

Product specifications:
• length: 160mm
• specifications: max. Ø 1.8mm -215kg/mm²
• materials: chrome vanadium steel with chrome plating

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